Where I’m From (and Memories of My Badass Asian-American Friends in High School)

The question of where are you from? Has become more layered and complicated for me since I moved to Spain from America over two years ago. I remember one time in America, a Black woman I didn’t know asked me that question and she could tell that I was thinking about how to answer and she followed up with, “You know what I’m asking.” She was with my friends so I knew it wasn’t coming from a place of hostility. My level of belonging-ness wasn’t being questioned. My American-ness wasn’t being tested. Korea, I answered. I…



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Hyun Kim 김현

Writer/Editor: Vibe, MTV, Tidal. Marketing/Advertising: Nike, Samsung, The Madbury Club. Former #1 Google image search for bald Asian. Seoul->Ithaca->NYC->VLC