The City That Was Never Yours

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The thing about that big city that you lived in. That you struggled in. That you made your name in. That is or was so hard for you to leave. It will be fine after you do. And it will change. Not because you left. But that’s what it does. One leaves and so many more arrive.

And after you leave. Your memories of that city are just that. Memories. From the past. And you will choose to hold onto them and think of the current city as being the way you left it. Mostly because it hurts to accept it for what it is now and what it’s becoming.

And as much as you gave to it. Likely, it gave you so much more. Prepared you for what the the world would throw your way. It’s easy to feel like the city only took from you. But it shaped and formed you for the future.

At the same time. It will never miss you as much as you miss it. You moved away. It’s moved on.

And so should you.

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